Financial Support

C4T is a grass roots and faith driven organization.  We have structured our organization as a for profit, LLC.  We have done this to allow us the freedom to speak boldly and openly standing on our 1st Amendment Right without governmental control thru non-profit organization status.  We don't feel like it's the governments job to control us with oversight and any of the 501 statuses.  So that means when you give to C4T you will not have the option to write anything off on your taxes.  But we feel like it is the only way we can truly serve the American People without governmental influence.  The monies given will help us to build our platform and pay expenses to travel from one place to the next.  All the while speaking out boldly and confidently in the American Dream.

Donation by Mail

If you prefer to make a donation to C4T via check, please send a check to
Cowboys For Trump
PO Box 333
Tularosa, NM 88352